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A Peek Inside Our Classroom...

(Note: Images are from our old classroom, current location under construction!)

Looking directly in from front door; our kitchen area with tables set for eating. Looking left from front door. Children's cubbies
and parent library.
Looking right from front door. The chair is a cozy spot for all. Many children enjoy a book with a friend there. Looking from dining area towards front. Lots
of cooking goes on around here!
Bathroom with walk-up diaper table - most all children cooperate when they can climb the stairs! Individual drying towels at right. Each child has a bin with a picture of
themselves and their name - labeling of cubbies
and individual drying towels are also labeled
visually and with letters.
Back area - a hiding space - swing and low soft climber. The steps in the back can be converted to a rocking "boat." Behind the shelf you see a stack of cots that we use for rest time. Balance beam and other regulars on shelf - like pull toys. Musical instruments are also always available.
Looking from back towards front - book area and in the hallway, a "house" that is now a meditation/quiet space. Current "house" arrangement.
Peace area with finger labyrinth and zafu to sit on. We always like a beautiful object. Overall, aesthetic is important to us. These items are shared with supervision.

Our Yard

Here's our patio and entrance door. To the left is a garden bed for yummy smelling and edible plants and flowers. We move the furniture and climber around as desired. Children love helping take care of our sandbox...

A view of the yard, with th house in the background.


We call this "the woods..." - they are red bud saplings after all.

Our garden grew really well in 2008 - we enjoyed lots of beans, early in the morning, sunflowers, cosmos, purple potatoes and tomatoes.